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Vehicle Graphics and Car Branding in Dubai, UAE

What are Vehicle Graphics?
Vehicle graphics or car stickers are large images, words, or a combination of both that are wrapped to cover a vehicle and increase your company's visibility, reach customers, and advertise your product by using what is known as vehicle branding. Dubai companies that install vehicle branding stickers enjoy the benefits of high impact messaging using bright colors, exciting graphics and intriguing catch phrases.

Your company vehicles become a moving advertisement that lets you go where your customers are. Car stickers are a great way to reach thousands of people with no more effort than it takes to drive around the city. When it comes to vehicle graphics Dubai, Autocare is the leading innovator and first to bring them to the UAE. Our company leads the region in innovation when it comes to Car Branding in Dubai.

What are the Benefits when installing vehicle branding in Dubai?

Cost. The cost of car branding versus traditional advertising is substantially lower. In fact, businesses can save as much as 80% on marketing costs using this mode of advertisement. Dubai companies that use traditional means of advertising usually have them removed in 1 to 6 months. The average car sticker in Dubai lasts for 5 years and costs less than a static advertisement to implement. That means substantial cost savings for your company, both in upfront costs and in cost over time. Vehicle graphics and car stickers produce a greater return-on-investment than any other form of advertising.

Studies show that a company would need to spend AED500,000 in advertising to produce the same number of views that a AED3,800 car sticker or car branding package produces.

Reach. In the world of vehicle branding Dubai leads the way. More than anywhere else in the Middle East, car stickers have been shown to be the most effective means of getting your message out to potential customers. Why pay for billboards or other static marketing tools when you can bring your message to where your customers are? Advertise to multiple customer niches simply by driving your company car to where the buyers are. Or gain valuable exposure for your new product by being seen on highways, at malls and at outdoor events. Reach thousands or hundreds of thousands every month with your branded vehicles. Create a brand identity simply by being seen on the roads. The more your car graphics are seen, the more buzz you generate. There is no better way to jump start your word-of-mouth marketing than with car branding.

How many km do you drive per year? For each 25,000 kilometers driven, your vehicle with car stickers or vehicle graphics will be seen by 9 million other vehicles!

Targeting. Use Vehicle graphics in Dubai because that's where your customers are! Why pay for marketing in places where your customers aren't? With car branding, Dubai companies can micro-target their messages where they are needed most, whether that's all over the UAE, throughout Dubai, or just in one neighborhood. You know your customer base better than anyone and with car stickers and vehicle branding, you can travel to your customers and have them feel good about dealing with a local business.

Micro-targeting is the practice of tailoring marketing messages to tightly defined groups and individuals to maximize the effect of your message and increase sales.

Adaptability. Want to change your message to target certain customers? Car branding is completely customizable and can be changed as often as you want. Vehicle branding offers you the flexibility you need. Choose one design for consistency throughout your fleet or customize messages based on the type or size of each vehicle. The options are endless and alterations can be made as quickly as the needs of your business change.

Consumers experience “message burn-out” after seeing the same ad only 10 times. Diversifying your vehicle branding strategy or varying them from one car to another can help your message stay fresh.

Why trust Autocare for your vehicle branding?

We are experts in car branding in Dubai. Autocare is locally owned and operated and knows the small business market in the UAE. Our experienced team of professionals carries out the work at our custom-made dust free installation bays in Al Quoz, Dubai. Our team is fully dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction in all the quality work it undertakes. We deliver the highest quality vehicle graphics in Dubai at unbelievably affordable rates and are experts on getting the most out of your design. Call us today to discuss how we can customize a high-impact design for your vehicles.


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